Wheelers and Kneelers Bicycling Club

Here are a few of the Wheelers and Kneelers on their ride home from Gettysburg in 2014.  They had an overnight stay at the Stoltzfus Bed and Breakfast in White Horse, Pa.


The Wheelers and Kneelers Bike Club is made up of cyclists who love the LORD as much as going on a bike ride.  Cyclists come together throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  The cycling calendar is being put together in the month of January, and will be published in February.

To join the Wheelers and Kneelers, contact Quay Brashear at quay@athletesforthecross.com, and he will direct your email The Duke, WK's unofficial president.

The Wheelers and Kneelers put on over 9,000 miles this summer as a club.  From the Sunday Morning Spring Series to the Frenchtown Century, we had many great miles together in the summer of 2016.